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Oil refinery plant in the evening

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Aug 2023

The new EU Battery Regulation enters into this month, 20 days after its publication in the European Union's Official Journal. In six months, on 18 February 2024, it will go into effect. This makes transparent supply chains a must for the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Here’s a short overview what it means for manufacturers.

Above the Clouds

First Etihad Airways flight using sustainable aviation fuel departs Tokyo Narita

The first Etihad Airways flight to use Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) supplied by ITOCHU Corporation and NESTE took off from Tokyo Narita airport late October, 2022.

Sustainable aviation fuel production 'must expand beyond OECD to cut emissions'

The use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) is the main tool to decarbonize the global aviation industry over the next five to 10 years, but production needs to extend beyond high-income countries to meet demand for jet fuel, according to the World Bank.

Image by Philip Myrtorp
Car Fuel

The demand for biofuels continues to explode

According to this latest study, in 2022 the growth of Biofuels Market is projected to reach Multimillion USD.


EMSA Publishes Update on Potential of Biofuels in Shipping

On October 6, 2022, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) announced the availability of a report entitled Update on Potential of Biofuels in Shipping, updating a previous study developed by EMSA on biofuels and examining the full range of biofuels from the perspective of current production capacity, storage and distribution infrastructure, and power-generation technologies.

Container Ship
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